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Church Attack


In a recent conversation I had with someone whom I consider with great knowledge about Terrorism issues. We were discussing the future of Middle East and the changing relationship between East and West at some point. But we later changed the conversation to focus more on ISIS. He stressed that “ISIS end is coming.” And the question that I asked him was: “End of what?” he then replied: “Territorial.”

It is difficult sometimes to understand that ISIS in its core is merely an ideology! This ideology has been fought for decades if not centuries, and it is not new or invented. It is just the fact that it has more followers than before, and also that social media and communication is making those followers and their practices  more available and more spreadable.

In the recent attack that took place in France, which has been the most affected country from ISIS than any other, it seems that ISIS tactics have changed. Since France has a big “Arab-Muslim” population, especially Algerians, Tunisian, And Moroccans, and while it is difficult for authorities to identify radicalized individual from the community, it is with no doubt growing radicalization in Europe has been significant in the recent years. Nevertheless, there is a wide range of reasons why radicalization is happening in Europe, and definitely economy is not a reason!

While ISIS is suffering great deal on battle fields, their focus has shifted to carry out attacks on the West. These attacks are more inspirational than claiming territories because the base of their support has been broadened. This is also why the West, especially the US, has stopped many conspirators or affiliates who tried to join ISIS.

The bottom line is: ISIS needs to be fought from within. Their ideology needs to be refuted and defeated. And to defeat this ideology, it is not enough for Muslims to come out on TVs and on Internet platforms claiming that ISIS is not Islamic! There is a way to stop ISIS and that is by purifying sacred text and dismissing some theological concepts by Muslim leaders.




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