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Written By: FA ME

As many of us know, Polygamy is permitted in Islam. In fact, the levels of man being married to more than one woman have been increased in the last years, Especially in Middle East, and Africa (i.e Egypt). No clear statistics have been shown on Polygamy because it is always concealed! in the other hand, Turkey, is the only Islamic Country in Middle East that abolished Polygamy back in 1926 with the adoption of the Turkish Civil Code, which was part of Ataturk’s Secularist Reform to the country.

Islam has permitted man to have four wives, of course this was made under certain conditions, Islam’s Prophet Mohammed, had 13 wives himself, but he only permitted the Muslim man to have four, the reason why would a Muslim man marry four women according to the Shari’a Law as I understood it from the Islamic books are as the following:

* If the woman is chronically ill,

* If she is barren,

* For some other reasons it is not desirable for the couple to live as husband and wife (There are no specifications of such conditions or reasons, each Islamic School see different reasons legitimate in order for the man to remarry from another woman)

Regardless of how cruel Polygamy is, and regardless how devastating that is to bring forth lust and sensuality, and how that injures the delicate feelings of a woman. My subject here has two concerns, since I am not a social counselor, but from my deep observations to the society that I live in, my concerns are the family planning, and security concerns!

It is natural that U.S. Laws are so tolerant with protecting individual freedom and privacy, also to ensure democratic course of action when something happens inside the American Society, there is this fear of media, and reputation of government. There is also the capability of maintaining a diverse society where all live freely and with dignity.

The U.S. Probate Courts are full of Divorce cases, especially among Muslim population, beside other populations as well, but according to my statistics, the majority of the Arab cases in a “specific” State inside US is about divorce. And that is simply because Polygamy is not allowed in the U.S. and Bigamy is punishable by the law. As defined by the Law: Polygamy is the practice or condition of having more than one spouse at the same time, conventionally referring to a situation where all spouses know about each other, in contrast to bigamy, where two or more spouses are usually unaware of each other.

So what happens in U.S. Courts?

The U.S. laws in all States, don’t identify the religious law behind marriage, in which they consider that a personal freedom, while in fact, it should be the solid ground to identify the nature of marriage between any couple. Certain Muslim individuals chose the courts as a way of changing their family plans, by asking divorce from certain wife at court, but she is religiously bond to him, then he travels after 90 days, when divorce execution will be in effect and remarry another person from another country, taking advantage of the “Immigration Law” which support his claim as U.S. Citizen. And the new wife knows that he is married to another woman, and that this woman lives with him in the same house! This man is a bigamist under the law, but religiously (i.e Shari’a law permits him to have up to four), The court doesn’t know all these details because he is doing everything in a manipulated way, which seems so legal!

Now why this is destroying family planning, and why it is a security concern?

Middle Eastern Countries and Communities, Specifically Arab Muslim ones are devastated by Polygamy. In several cases, men did not have the ability to support several households, in which case the amount of support received by a particular wife began to depend on whether or not she was able to cultivate favour with the husband. The consequent emotional issues caused by this state of affairs ranged from depression to anger, hysteria and even illnesses.

Polygamy findings were alarming. Results showed that not only did polygamy negatively affect the wives, it also had extremely harmful effects on children who were the product of such unions. Many reported being neglected by their father when he had obtained a new wife.

The history of Islam has been one continuous story of rebel groups off in the desert and deciding that the religion being practiced by the authorities and their harems (Women) back in the cities is not the “true Islam.” They come crashing back upon the palaces, overthrowing the leaders (no Ottoman Sultan ever died of natural causes) and establishing a new regime that is just like the old one, where powerful are allowed to take multiple wives.

The Prophet Muhammad had a novel solution to this problem. Go and conquer neighboring societies and requisition their women. If you die in the process, the reward will be even greater – 72 virgins waiting for you in heaven! “Jihad” has been a clever and effective way of redirecting the hostilities of the “bachelor herd” that polygamy inevitably produces.

The fruits of polygamy are visible all over the Middle East. Because women are always in short supply, families can charge a “bride price” to any man who wants to marry their daughter. Because daughters are now worth money, they must be veiled and sequestered so they don’t run off with some callow youth. Older men desperate for wives push down into younger and younger cohorts of the population.  Marriages between 35-year-old men and 13-year-old girls become common. (Muhammad’s last wife was age seven.)

But the main product of polygamy is a population of angry young men who are ripe recruits for terrorism. The Koran supposedly limits a man to four wives but in countries where there are vast disparities of wealth this is routinely violated. Osama bin Laden’s father, a successful Saudi businessman, had 22 wives and 54 children. The unbalance between unmarried men and the available women in Saudi Arabia is the highest in the world. Is it any wonder that 15 of the 19 September 11th hijackers were Saudi nationals?! This is what I wanted to get to: if Polygamy had produced Osama bin Laden and he was born outside of United States, and caused so much pain to this national, what would a person born in the United States from a bigamist can do?!

Our country lacks attention to details, and our intelligence communities think not into deeper issues!


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