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Terrorist Brain

Terrorist Brain

Written By: FA ME

AFTER all these dramatic changes in the world around us, and the tragic events that we are witnessing in Middle East, Europe, and some times in America (both South and North). I came to realize that among the most dangerous destruction that could ever happen to our human race, would be “Ideological Terrorism”! In other words, the religious justification for violence is the worst ever.

If we look at the amount of casualties and death tolls around the world, the biggest number lies under “Terrorism”, especially in Iraq and Syria – and if looked at the rise of ISIS or IS, we can’t really take it away from the context of the radical Islamic movements around the world, but ISIS group adhere to post-American liberation to Iraq and the chaos that followed that!

ISIS is the only group so far that was able to penetrate the “Western” mentality and recruit people from the west. Back in 2004 and later, Iraqis and Arab World was surprised by the suicide bombing operations, and Iraqis in particular were somehow confident that there is no Iraqi who might commit a suicide against his other fellows. But now, we hear and see names such as Mohammed of France, Osmah of Uzbekistan, and Abu-Salha of America who committed suicide attack in Iraq!

All these people come from different mentality, different paths of life, but the only thing that gathers them is the Radicalization. In which they dared to cross evil to evil (evil-evil)!

The strategy, as I see it, for recruiters of Jihadists is as the following, and I have sensed that from Abu Sahaf Al-Faranci who was one of the most recent video publication.


Everything start with debating from the recruiter, finding answers, especially for these who lack the logic and religious education, or common sense in things. This debate escalates to become an important factor to make the recruitee so fragile and easy prey for the recruiter, by doing so, he had won and penetrated his mind. All these actions are preliminary steps to draw attention and gain trust of the prey. Once this achieved, then the other steps begin to emerge:

1) Divine-Human: is the focus of the recruiter, or as it appears to be, on the philanthropic aspect of Islam, the goodness of Islam to the human being, the absolute truth of nice treatment in which all derived from Koranic verses and plain Sunnah Sahiha (Narratives of Mohammed) which are plenty and countless. Thus, the prey is assured that his doubts in the debated truths earlier are encountered by some similarities – the Divine teaching for our life and how good it looks like, and shedding light over the common aspects of “differences” that once were debated, like the reality of Jesus in the Koran and his existence in a twisted way!

2) Human-Evil: this stage is more complicated, and it doesn’t seem to be a recruiter’s task, it requires someone with jurisprudence knowledge and the Sharia-law. It is his task to take the prey from a heavenly praised sensation where “Divine” is providing everything good, to mere human nature joy shared with other humans! these kind of laws involve Marriage, Almsgiving, and prayer (to justify and sustain the connection between the divine and human). Here the game changes, the prey realize that his human enjoyments and pleasure are part of a divine command, a divine instruction in which involves resentment and hatred to the other beliefs because they don’t legalize it (Marrying 4 women for example) – this is the most dangerous stage, it changes and redirects the feelings to focus mostly on human lust and desires, then will pave the way for the third stage!

3)  Evil-Evil: Here comes breaking of silence, everything the “prey” had enjoyed can multiply abundantly but not on this earth rather somewhere else! breaking the silence might not necessary mean preparing a suicide bomber, it could be any regular insurgent or terrorist who is fighting for this belief. The pleasures that they once sought on earth is going to be so demanding, but wait! there is a price for it, it means your life! The prey won’t care – he had been given tens of verses and  lessons from various books of heritage of core Islam at its peak to emphasize on this important reality! nothing is hard! since he had given up his logic then he already became a “Prey”

logical and intellectual “counter-terrorism” is a vital role comes parallel with arm “counter-terrorism” – the intellectual is harder and needs to be conducted by countries whom once hosted this ideology, and their leaders need to implement effective strategies to fight it and the “West” can provide the tools!


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