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Pilot's Photo (Facebook)

Pilot’s Photo (Facebook)

Written By: FA ME

Cruelty of DAISH has exceeded all expectations, but this time the victim is an Arab Muslim! In the course of several months we have witnessed heinous crimes conducted by DAISH (ISIS), many of these crimes were not recorded or even told, such as the Kidnapping of the Yeizdi girls, the mass killing of Spiker’s base in Tikrit where thousands of Cadets have been killed, and recently the mass graves in Northern villages surrounding Sinjar Area.

But the question remains, why did DAISH starting this outrageous media war against Jordan in particular while they have hundreds of Iraqi, Egyptian, Saudi, Syrian, American, British, European hostages  in their custody, why Jordan in particular?

From analyzing the Immolation video of the late pilot, it is evident that the video was produced a while ago and wasn’t recent, the footages used and the appearances of the victim pilot indicates that these shots were taken beginning of January of 2015, shortly after his plane crashed back in December of 2014. There are several reason why would DAISH start mastering the execution and choosing this time, but one of the main reasons is that DAISH has full knowledge of the Jordanian Intelligence capabilities, and back there in Jordan, there must have been a plan to rescue the pilot in an extraordinary operation. The Jordanian Intelligence should have been reaching clues of the pilot’s whereabouts, and were planning something! This fear of DAISH has taken them back to the time of Abu Musab Alzarqawi, because they know the role of Jordanian Intelligence in providing the Intel information to the US, in which resulted in the death of AL Zarqawi.

The unrealistic exchange of hostages that DAISH demanded was never on their agenda, they simply don’t want to follow Jibhat Al-Nusra’s (Al-Qaeda wing in Syria) footsteps, because they have so many ideological differences between them, and their aims and causes to fight are evidently different. DAISH simply achieved two goals in asking for exchange of hostages: One being the recognition of Jordanian Government (which is part of the International Coalition) to the demands of DAISH and established a channel of exchange with them. By doing so, they have gained unannounced legitimacy as an established State. and Second, which is much more important, is to gain time to remove doubts and Intelligence effort in search for the already dead pilot Alkasasbeh!

Some important personalities surfaced during this tragic time, one of them is Al-Maqdisi, a famous Jihadi Leader, who once have caused problems to the Jordanian Government, and also was the creator and teacher of AL Zarqawi. It is very important to note that Al-Maqdisi studied in Mosul in Iraq, his presence there was a turning point in his life, because it was only there when he had started realizing the Islamic “Dawaa” Call around the world, but because of the Ba’ath regime, he wasn’t able to operate independently. Therefore, he chose to emigrate! In an interview for him back in 1997 he says the following about his stay in Mosul: “This was the period of finding my path…I participated and communicated with different movements and groups, some of which were reformist offshoots of the Muslim Brotherhood. I also communicated with the Salafists for a while, and with a section of Juhaiman’s [Juhaiman Al-‘Uteibi] group for another lengthier while, and visited with some of the leading lights and sheikhs of the Qutbiyeen [Seyyid Qutub’s followers]…and some other jihadi trends…And from most of these I had kindly brothers and teachers whose aid I will not begrudge them, especially since its was the beginning of my path and seeking…even though I contradicted them on matters that I was clear with them about.”

It is not a coincidence that Mosul plays a big role in his life, and it is not a coincidence that he becomes the negotiator between the Jordanian Government and DAISH, and also it is not a coincidence that Al-Baghdadi, leader of DAISH “ISIS” makes his first appearance in Mosul. This has been a circle of intense Jihadi communication, it symbolizes certain messages to their followers and an important pieces to raise these issues in order to create higher morale among them!

Meanwhile, there are several reason why I believe that DAISH “ISIS” is coming to an end, if not totally destroyed, but will be limited to use power. Not only because of the Coalition strikes to their positions and areas, but because of the confusion among the fighters and disagreement on certain conducts of DAISH leaders. This is why taking important steps now is vital to cripple the ideology by spreading anti-ISIS ideology, especially in Arabic language and become in direct contact with them, also ending the slavery of younger kids who are being taught and forced to follow this dark ideology! this will take time and effort, but if we deal with the right people and choose our steps carefully, the nightmare of DAISH will end!


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