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Terrorist Slaughtering Prophet Mohammed

Terrorist Slaughtering Prophet Mohammed

Written by: FA ME

NO one with human sane logic disagree, that what happened in France is a shocking crime beyond all explanations. The only justification we hear from the attackers and the supports of such attack, that members of Charlie Hebdo Newspaper have been sarcastic and critic of Islam and his prophet Mohammed. It is well known “for scholars and readers” that Islam’s prophet Mohammed has been presented as the most sacred thing in Islam, even more than Allah himself! it is evident from different historical sources which I am going to present in this post.

Radical and Extremist Muslims have been seeking to harm the “others” so badly, through creating terrorist cells inside Western countries, or through fighting the Arab regimes so they would gain power, weapons, and land. It is very important for them to gain land, because thus they will be able to plan their tactics freely and securely. If we read the history of terrorism, we find it very clear that in the past terrorists have been escaping to the top mountains looking for holes and caves to hide into. They have lacked resources and equipment, and most importantly they lacked intelligence and planning. But in recent years with advances made by ISIS, not Al-Qaeda, made it very easy to plan and execute operations and terrorist attacks, and of course there are many reasons for that, one of these reasons is the corrupted Arab governments, and also the sympathy that these terrorist groups get and support. Mosul city in Iraq and Iraqi government, as an example. No need to talk about Sunni tribes whom once were trusted by the government and by the US, recently they pledged allegiance to ISIS and handed their weapons over in Anbar Provence.

Now when Al-Qaeda seems to be losing its reputation around the world, and ISIS is taking over with more brutal and effective tactics, it was a time for them to prove themselves, but even with that they didn’t completely succeed, because ISIS name has also been part of the recent attack in Franc, because Amedy Coulibaly, a third suspect who was killed by French police has been shown on videos giving allegiance to ISIS.

But what Justifies the Attack on the French Newspaper?!

I have been reading about this since I was young, it is obviously clear that Arabic resources are richer than English when it comes about reading and digging the Islamic history. When Muhammad entered Mecca, he ordered his followers only to fight those who refused to surrender to him, except certain people who were to be executed whether they surrendered or not. In our earliest detailed biographical source on the fall of Mecca, Ibn Ishaq lists eight people who were to receive the death penalty. The charges against four of the eight were “insulting Muhammad.” One of the four critics was eventually pardoned; the others were killed.  Politicians, the media, and Muslim groups assure us that Muhammad never retaliated against people who insulted him. Too bad these modern apologists weren’t there to tell Muhammad how tolerant they would one day imagine him to be.  Here’s the passage from Ibn Ishaq, with details on the critics underlined:

Ibn Ishaq on Killing Critics

Ibn Ishaq on Killing Critics

Here’s Sunan Abu Dawud 4361 (4348 in some editions), in English and Arabic, along with the rating (sahih). In this hadith, a man kills the mother of his children for speaking against Muhammad. Muhammad, in response, says that no one is to punish the man:

Sunan Abu Dawud 4361

So there is no doubt that radical Muslims will look into these resources and influence the “Moderate” Muslims which I believe are living in mere vacuum at this stage of modern Islam, including the two suspects of Charlie Hebdo whom were considered moderate because they were born in France, they lived in the West, and represented no threat to the State. But it turned out to be that they were easily driven and brained-washed, when security, intelligence, and police failed to stop them!

“Al-Qaeda is planning a Paris-style terrorist atrocity against Britain, according to the head of MI5”

Intelligence has shown that the Syrian arm of a resurgent al-Qaeda is planning similar outrages against the UK, possibly by British jihadists who have already returned from fighting in Syria or Iraq. They include plans to blow up a passenger jet; Mumbai-style shootings in crowded places; or even hit-and-run attacks using vehicles.

Mr Parker said the number of random “crude and potentially deadly” plots from “lone wolf” extremists was increasing. In a stark warning, he said: “Although we and our partners try our utmost, we know we cannot hope to stop everything.”

I believe, unless we change our Tactics and hits hard in the core, this will not stop! And there are many options offered t here on the table for us to live in peace!


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