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Today I finished up reading a U.S. Senate Hearing – Committee on Judiciary, which was held back in November of 2005 – in attempt to read the history of terrorism on U.S. land, and also in preparation for a report that I’m planning to submit to the Department of State.

Nevertheless, what caught my attention, among other speakers as well, was Nina Shea (Director of the Center for Religious Freedom) and also served as (Commissioner on The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom). Her experience was of great help to pinpoint the roots and find solutions, because the safety of United States means the safety of the whole world.



This has to stop!




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The U.S. military released video of airstrikes on Islamic State’s targets near Mosul Dam on Saturday. This video shows a U.S. airstrike on an Islamic State Humvee.

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Written By: FA ME

Iraqi cities in the last few weeks have witnessed dramatic and violent events, by both Iraqi and Kurdish Forces from one side, and ISIS from the other side, who have announced their Caliphate and started calling themselves (Islamic State) IS. This well-equipped organization has taken advantage of invading Mosul city, taking over stacks of weapons and ammunition that Iraqi forces left behind when they escaped the city. This weapon hasn’t been used only to fight Iraqi Forces (including Kurdish Peshmarga) on Iraqi soil, but reached to be used against the Syrian Regime on Syrian soil, and there is obvious use of American stolen weapons by “IS”  against Syrian fighting units, lately, Brigade 39, in which “IS” used U.S. Hummers to take over their base near Raqqa in Syria.

After “IS” controlled Mosul back in July of 2014, the first thing they did, among other things, was establish their presence. To establish their presence in any area, they need to have supporters, and in order for them to have supporters, they have to penetrate the community from the ideological side, which means, keeping close eyes on the places of worship i.e Mosques, because these platforms are their point of departure to any conquest, this is how they justified their destruction of Islamic Mosques and Shrines that embraced graves of Prophets and Imams.

“IS” hasn’t brought anything new to this, during my study of Islamic Theology, and Al-Sirra Al Nabawyya (The Life of Prophet) by Ibn Katheer, one famous Muslim scholar, the events of demolitioning Mosques did exist since time of Mohammed the Prophet, when he ordered his companions to burn the Mosque of Dirar, who was built by someone opposed Mohammed and stood against him. Mohammed according to the Islamic Tradition, was preparing himself to go and pray in that Mosque, but a revelation appeared to him and prevented him from doing so, and this revelation exists in Quran now, which resulted in destroying that Mosque, that once was approved by Mohammed.

The second justification of demolitioning Mosques, perpetrated by “IS”, is the pretext of Polytheism! it is believed in Islamic Theology, that Mosques that contains relics or tombs of people are source of Black-Magic, and Polytheism that takes people away from worshipping Allah!

These deep Islamic Theology Concepts are refutable by others! there is really no standard commentary or explanation that one can rely on, even this, is arguable.

“IS” found in Mosul’s radical Mosque Imams a fertile land to spread their ideology, using pamphlets and booklets which are brightly printed and highly promote the actions done by “IS” – even one Friday sermon unified all Mosques in Mosul to talk about the Islamic Essence of demolitioning Mosques and the roots of it in Islam. Significantly, the “IS” fighters have brought nothing new from their own, it is the Wahhabism that adopted these actions long ago, before even Al-Qaeda appears, and the justification comes again to be Islamic. Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia was pioneer in adopting these measures by starting to destroy some historical sites especially in mid 90s and early of years 2000-2002, which indicates that this ideology created in Saudi Arabia has spread along with terrorist mentalities that brought 9/11 attacks and global terrorism.

Saudi Arabia started through Muslim Clergy’s Fatwas to destroy Mosques and Shrines in different Saudi areas – this was the beginning of Terrorism and nurturing fanatic ideologies, the destruction was for the following:

The mosque at the grave of Sayyid al-Shuhada’ Hamza ibn ‘Abd al-Muttalib.
The Mosque of Fatima Zahra.
The Mosque of al-Manaratain.
Mosque and tomb of Sayyid Imam al-Uraidhi ibn Ja‘far al-Sadiq, destroyed by dynamite on August 13, 2002.
Four mosques at the site of the Battle of the Trench in Medina.
The Mosque of Abu Rasheed.
Salman al-Farsi Mosque, in Medina.
Raj’at ash-Shams Mosque, in Medina.

Cemeteries and tombs:
Jannat al-Baqi in Medina, leveled, still open access for men only.
Jannat al-Mu’alla, the ancient cemetery at Mecca.
Grave of Hamida al-Barbariyya, the mother of Imam Musa al-Kazim.
Grave of Amina bint Wahb, Muhammad’s mother, bulldozed and set alight in 1998.
Graves of Banu Hashim in Mecca.
Tombs of Hamza and other casualties of the Battle of Uhud were demolished at Mount Uhud.
Tomb of Eve in Jeddah, sealed with concrete.
Grave of the father of Muhammad, in Medina.

After these actions, “IS” found another way to spread fear and terrorize the people in Mosul (whom 50% of the population are sympathizers with “IS”) – sending hundreds of peaceful Christians out of the city, threating them by paying Islamic Tax, Converting to Islam, or Facing Death. options that forced all Christians to be displaced, and live very hard situation in nearby villages.

Then “IS” took another step to expand its control, by attacking Sinjar, a small city to the north that was inhabited mostly by Yazidi Kurds, who themselves are authentic minority group of Iraq, they killed more than 500 person, and had a vicious fight with Kurdish Peshmarge killing many of them and forcing people to take refuge in nearby mountain where approximately 20 thousand people are trapped.


“IS” again made an advanced move towards northern Iraq, invading all Christian villages in Nineveh Plain,  an area mostly inhabited by Christians, forcing them to take refuge in Kurdish Cities to the north, until “IS” was about to reach Erbil, the Kurdish Capital, where U.S. Mission is located. Something that urged U.S. government to have some important steps to target “IS” to prevent them from advancing more and more to the north. President Barack Obama permitted some concentrated Air Strikes on “IS” strongholds in Mosul, and the Arterially that was targeting Kurdish Forces new Erbil.

Along with these strikes, U.S. government has put pressure on Iraq’s Prime Minister, Nori Al-Maliki, blaming Al-Maliki and his Shiite-dominated government for sparking much of the sectarian strife that has gripped his country, as minority Sunnis have felt alienated and have sympathized with armed Sunni extremists “IS”. The U.S. resentment over the performance of Iraqi government forced Al-Maliki to step down – putting Iraq in a new era of ruling under Haider al-Abadi, who is also Dawa Party Member (same as former PM).

Now there is some international support to Kurdish Plea, where they are demining international community to supply them with weapons so they can fight “IS” and push them away from Kurdish territories – political analysts, calling it a new chapter of bloody Iraq, but this time with world most brutal organization “IS”!

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