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The question that has been raised recently. If the United States knew about “ISIS” attacking Iraqi cities and bringing death to Iraqi people, why didn’t they cooperated with Baghdad to prevent this huge danger and death to become reality. The news from Iraq now, that U.S workers are being evacuated, at least from one base where they have been working.

during my reading to the intelligence reports beginning of 2014 and end of 2013, The Country’s Annual Report on Terrorism has been so clear about the risks that Iraqi government is facing from ISIS “ISIL”. the report was specific that Al-Anbar and Ninawa (Mosul) cities are being the areas where terrorist groups have actively been working. so from this we learn, that the ISIS plan has been set for years now, and the U.S. government was aware of it but didn’t move at some point and provide Iraqi counterparts with at least intelligence information.

part of the report says:

Pic 1

They have seen training camps and other activities! it was vital for the U.S. to start acting once they have discovered these movements from ISIS. this would have prevented the ISIS from even approaching Iraqi cities, and would have limited the capabilities of ISIS, and in return saved innocent lives.

in another excerpt we read:

Pic 2

what would the U.S. do to encourage?! why there was no action to this?! it might be the U.S. interest in preventing ISIS from advancing and proceeding with their fight against Iraqi government or Iraqi people. because Iraq’s success means U.S. success! and yet, we say: Mistakes are Repeated!

in another matter, the report mentioned the disputed areas between Baghdad and Kurdistan. One reality is that the Kurds have controlled Kirkuk, the rich oil city in Iraq, and they have also controlled most of the disputed areas in Nineveh (Mosul) when the Iraq Army abandoned their positions. this is another alarming fact, that if Iraq was able to escape the sectarian violence caused by ISIS now or in the near future, but it will be in graver danger when Kurdish – Arab dispute arises over internal boundaries! in my opinion, the U.S. could have done more to save lives in Iraq!


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I have been thinking about what to write in the past few days. I didn’t really get into mental status that could let me focus on where the priorities are or from where to start!

Watching news and world cup together have given me enough stress, the flow of information has been enormous to the point I lack sleep and rest. But overall, I had to push myself to go forward with it, and sense the reality of life.
Remembering what happened in 2004 and years after, has brought sad memories to me. I do remember when the same scenario repeated and the terrorist took over Mosul (Nineveh) city. The terrorist destroyed, burned, and looted all police stations in the city. Usually this doesn’t take them much of time to do, and the only simple reason is that they have collaborators inside the city. The Sunni majority of Mosul city play a big role in undermining the security of it.

I have been reading reports, listening to news, and reading newspaper, from different prospective. People were surprised by the quick advance made by “ISIS” (Islamic State of Iraq and Sham) – other call it ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and Levant), both are correct, and both represent the same organization.
I myself wasn’t surprised by this, the reason is because no one disagree that Iraqi people have been divided in the way they think about their future. I was talking to a friend and he was saying “how can we get rid of terrorism”. I replied “when we get rid of the Baath generation who was built on blood. When we get rid of Alqadisya (the name if Iraqi Iranian war that lasted for 8 years) generation, that was built on fighting and destroying. When we get rid of Gulf war generation that was built over sickness and embargos. And when we get rid of the 2003 generation, which was built over looting, stealing, and planting the seed of terrorism. And when we get rid of the ISIS generation, from which people learned how to cut human parts and heads!” he looked at me and was surprised, then said “who is left then?” – I said: “You and Me in Diaspora”
I had no single doubt from the beginning, that Iraqi forces are involved in terrorism. The Iranian Shiite influence over southern Iraq. And the Gulf States Sunni influence on the people in the north. Both denominations hate each other. This hatred has been rooted back to early beginnings of Islam itself, and is very difficult to heal or repair. Why do I think that Iraqi Forces & police involved in this?
First, no stranger knows where to find weapons that the Iraqi Army used before they gave up their locations and bases. And second, after taking the weapons and equipment how could they get away with it unless someone is helping them from the inside. And most importantly is what I tried to analyze from the pictures that I saw and they proof the theory that the Iraqi Army is corrupted as well as the Iraqi police. The people who worked closely with the U.S. Army while they were training the Iraqi Forces have told them about it. But no knew that things could get that bad!

Below is a picture of how the Iraqi Army has been trained to carry an AK47 – this is a vital technique to keep your thumb away from the trigger, otherwise, you are jeopardizing your companions if you were to hear a sudden loud sound, or if you get scared of something:

pic 3

Same picture, but this time for “ISIS”:

Pic 2

pic 4

And I was thinking, why some of the picture have ISIS members holding their AK47 like this?! I know and we know how the Iraqi Army used to carry the weapon during Saddam’s era! They were playing with it as a toy, and were never cautious about it.

Another picture of ISIS, and the way they are holding their AK47:

Pic 1

The question is: how did they learn about this method unless they were trained at some point! Even the position that they are carrying their weapons, tells us that they are well trained on how to handle it!

this simple thing proves a theory! it is important to have honest people serving Iraq, they have to be living outside Iraq, well trained and equipped. must have good knowledge about Iraqi people’s background. and most importantly, shouldn’t be loyal to their sect or tribe, but instead Loyal to their country. such people need to get their chance, otherwise, Iraq will remain unsafe place. and instead of calling it the Curdle of Civilization. it will be called “The Curdle of Terrorism”!

and there is much more to talk about! but no one is listening!

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Clashes between Iraqi security forces and militants killed 59 people in Mosul today, as heavy fighting in the northern city entered its second day, officials said.

The dead comprised 21 police and 38 militants, a police lieutenant colonel and a mortuary employee said.

Fighting broke out in Mosul yesterday morning and continued into the night, while twin suicide bombings targeted a minority group east of the city and soldiers shot dead suicide bombers to its south.

At least 36 people were killed in yesterday’s violence in Mosul and elsewhere in Nineveh province.

Today’s deadly fighting came as jihadists took students and staff hostage at Anbar University in Ramadi, west of Baghdad, prompting an assault by security forces to try to free them.

Militants have stepped up their attacks in recent days.

On Thursday, militants seized several parts of the city of Samarra, north of the capital, in a major assault that was only repelled after house-to-house fighting and helicopter strikes that left dozens dead.

Violence is running at its highest levels since 2006-2007, when tens of thousands were killed in a sectarian conflict between Iraq’s Shiite majority and Sunni Arab minority.

More than 900 people were killed last month, according to figures separately compiled by the United Nations and the government.

So far this year, more than 4,400 people have been killed, according to AFP figures.

Officials blame external factors for the rise in bloodshed, particularly the civil war in neighbouring Syria.

But analysts say widespread Sunni Arab anger with the Shiite-led government has also been a major factor.

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