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Written By FA ME:

this happens only in movies, prison break, using of different weapons, and sometimes using helecopters. but in Iraq, helecopters might not be needed, because breaching highly secured prisons requires other weapons.

the world was shocked, as well as Iraqi citizens when they heared that Abu Ghraib Prison, and Altaji Prison were both raided and attacked by insurgents, the attacks on both prisons were well-organized, synchronized and sophisticated. soon after the news of attacking both Prisons, Al Qaeda terrorist group in Iraq announced responsibility of carrying out such powerful attack, to the point that there are 800 prisoners who escaped and were sought by Interpol as a “Major Threat” to Global Security.

why was this break successful to Al Qaeda, and what does it imply at this time when the whole region is at turmoil?

there are differet factors which Al Qaeda took advantage of to achieve this goal, and will lead this terrirost organization to achieve even more.

during the attacks on prisons, Al Qaeda used car bombs driven by suicide bombers, mortars, light and heavey weapons. one piece of the puzzle is solved when we learn “from Iraqi Commanders” the guards and security personnels in the prisons, especially Abu Ghraib, are involved and cooperated with Al Qaeda to make thier mission successful, if not Politicians or high governmental rankings involved as well. these are not assumptions but facts, because:

1- The surveillance camera chips were taken out from the computers in the prison
2- sending some officers and guards on vacation that day
3- allowing front end loader trucks working near the walls of the prison to accumulate sand hills which made the escape easier.

beside this, there are other factors which “I” “We” believe that the government is involved in this. along with this important statement of former U.S. Ambassador to Baghdad, James Jeffrey, who said that Iraqi forces performed poorly, suggesting that their skills had deteriorated since American Forces departed at the end of 2011. despite having Army Special Operations and C.I.A small units in Iraq which are there to assist in counterterrorism activites.


I don’t have to mention the ineffectiveness of Iraq National Intelligence under these circumstances, because the intelligence work under secterian, and disloyal government will never achive its goals, unless there is an outside pressure, which is the U.S.A in this case.

so what is the danger of having 800 or 500 terriorists escaping a prison and have in mind that last thing to be done is to go back to prison again? there are different analysis of what will these terrorists do:

1) some of these terrorists made their way out of Iraq entering Syria, which is also witnessing a bloody chapter of violence led by insurgents towards civilians and other forces on ground there (Syrian Army, Kurds, Free Army, Shitties, Seculars, Christians) and many others.

2) these insurgents are threatening the national security of United States and Iraq as well. something that led the U.S.A to announce state of emergency in Middle East starting from shutting down embassies to ready its army units in the region, after intercepting letters (!!) of senior Al Qaeda leaders. this indicates the huge threat those escaped prisoners represent to the national security.

3) there is a huge fear among Iraqi tribes who participated in the Awakening Movement lunched back in 2007, because they will be, (tribes and head of tribes), future seen target for retaliation.

4) planning a secterian violence in Iraq and taking the security situation back to how it was in 2005 and 2006 period, and with this to be said, there will be more influencial role to Al Qaeda in Iraq because of the deteriorated situation in Syria, and the new leadership in Iran, which will play with this papers to put pressures on the west.

the question that remains is, are there placed plans to stop Al Qaeda, which appear to be stronger ever than before? would the U.S.A government take some suggestions on how to solve the Iraqi issue, including having “Iraqi Christians” playing a role in the life of Iraq. something which I am going to explain further more in future posts.


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