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MOSUL, Iraq (Reuters) – A suicide bomber attacked an Iraqi army convoy in the northern city of Mosul early on Monday, killing at least 22 soldiers and three passers-by, police said.

The bomber drove a vehicle packed with explosives up to a military convoy in the eastern Kokchali district of Mosul, 390 km (240 miles) north of Baghdad, before blowing himself and his car up.

“A suicide bomber was following the convoy and when it stopped in the middle of road, he detonated his vehicle right behind it,” said a policeman at the scene who declined to be identified because he was not authorized to speak to the media.

A separate attack in western Mosul killed four policemen, police said.

It was not clear who was behind the blasts, but suicide bombings are the hallmark of al Qaeda, which has been regrouping in Mosul, Iraq’s third-largest city and capital of the Sunni-dominated Nineveh province.

Insurgent groups such as al Qaeda have found willing recruits among Iraq’s Sunni minority, which resents Shi’ite domination since the U.S.-led invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein in 2003.


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the ordeal of Iraqi Christian is finally presented in this Documentary that was produced by DW (the German Channel)






Note: The Archbishop of Kurkuk in this Documentary is now the Patriarch of Chaldean Church in Iraq.

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Written By: FA ME

according to the Department of Defense, the highest number of Al-Qaeda Emirs (leaders) are located in Mosul City. experts say that the 80% of the financial support that this terrorist organization gets is in Mosul city. and we raise the question, why Mosul but not any other city.

there are several reason why Mosul is consider a fertile land for Al-Qaeda members:

1) the dominant Sunni Muslim community allows spreading of Al-Qaeda’s ideology in the city,

2) Mosul city is famous of having the highest number of former Iraqi Army officers, and after disbanding the Iraqi Army by Paul Bremer, they have became jobless, and Al-Qaeda Organization needed the highly demanded experience of those officers to train the foreigners or the local young generation of Al-Qaeda’s affiliates.

3) the strategic location of Mosul compared to other city, puts it on a very easy way of delivering, exchanging, and trading weapons. Syria on the west, which Links Lebanon and Jordan all together, is one big source of fighters and weapons. Now, the situation in Syria inflames the fighters in Iraq, and the fighters are growing in the city, a safe haven is needed even for terrorists.

4) the large areas of Mosul makes it difficult to track Al-Qaeda’s fighters in there, with multiple hideouts and weapon storages.

5) the tribal atmosphere in Mosul is unlike the other Sunni tribes in other cities, such as Al-Anbar or Samarra. there had been no awakening movement in the city, which make the tribal association with Al-Qaeda an important ally.

despite all these important factors, the government’s corruption and disloyalty makes Al-Qaeda stronger in its tactics and sources of funds. there are some sources that claims that the funds that comes from Mosul city it doesn’t only reach fighters in Syria, but also in Afghanistan!

but in return, there are solutions for the plague, and based on the weaknesses of Al-Qaeda, that can easily be identified, the links of Al-Qaeda in Mosul is not any different from any strategy of Al-Qaeda around the world:

A) Misreading the situation in the middle east and the role of United States. they barely have a political vision in what could possibly happen tomorrow in the world, and they can’t anticipate political matters.

B) Expanding the war and bringing new enemies. they also under estimate the role of Kurdish Forces.

C) Alienating the Local Populace. including the secular citizens

D) indifference to Muslim Casualties. there are about 80% casualties of Muslims during any operation that Al-Qaeda conducts.

E) finally, the inability to reading the weaknesses of the local governments.

To BE Continued …….

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تزايد اتوات القاعد التي تتقاضها من مواطني الموصل



“I will pay, I swear I will pay” these were the last words uttered by an Iraqi Pharmacist before he received two shots in his head from two AK-47s right in front of his Pharmacy. In that day, he gave his last farewell kiss to his six years old daughter “Zuhur” without knowing that this will be his last kiss.

Al-Qaeda Organization under different names and entities and forms (could even be governmental) had been controlling Mosul City, which also known as Nineveh, since 2004 until now. according to eye witnesses and statements of people in Mosul, Al-Qaeda there makes more than five Million Dollars every month, and the governmental institutions there facilitate that.

threatening the people and linking into resources inside the government in different sectors (Public & Private) has  been the instrument in which they get their money. killing civilians and officials has been a routine thing in the City, people have been fed up with news of killing to the point that they no longer care who was killed or why was he killed.

Al-Qaeda in Mosul works within a complete taxation system and legalized institutions, they have infiltrated into the governmental institutions which covers up their forceful collection of Money, to the point that once people pay tribune to the organization, in return they give a receipt of payment, therefore, no one will question the bearer that he didn’t pay, or collect more. It’s a process of legitimizing the actions.

despite all that, the Security Forces in Mosul stand “incapable” to put an end to these terrorist actions, a security source in the City says that “lack of intelligence information” is the main cause that prevents the security forces from putting an end to this. and we add that the “Corruption” inside the security forces and secretly joining the terrorist organizations had been another reason that makes this ordeal continues. this reminds us of 2005 dark age, when Mosul city fell in hands of insurgency, because the police and national guard forces ceased protecting the citizens and joined the insurgency in their continuous acts of terrorism.

in the next post we will discuss results and some solutions to this dilemma, and why it’s still continuous that affects the life of millions.


to be continued…..

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FA ME:  Brussels: 20 / June / 2013 /

   Mr. Strawn Stevenson, head of the delegation of the European Parliament and Iraq, opened the periodic meeting to study the situation of ethnic minorities and religious groups in Iraq, the meeting addressed the conditions of minorities and religious groups such as the Turkmen, Chaldean Syriac Assyrian Christians, Armenians, Yazidies, Shabak, the Kaka’een, Baha’is, Faily Kurds, Mandaeans, “blacks Iraqis” in southern Iraq, the Jews and the Philistines, where criticism was directed to the Iraqi government for failing to protect ethnic minorities and religious groups.

   Mr. Stevenson read the agenda of the meeting and approved it, as well as the contents of the previous meeting which was held on March, then the first word was for Mr. Kamel Zozo, official of the Chaldean Syriac Assyrian Popular Council in Germany, also participated in the meeting Mr. Delefr Agicri, Head of the Kurdistan Regional Government Mission to the European Union, Mr. Chet Gerges, chairman of the Turkmen Human Rights Foundation in the Netherlands, Mr. Chris Chapman for the Minorities Rights Group in London, Ms. Teresa de Vries from the Netherlands for the Pax Christi Organization (a global Christian organization calls for peace).

   Mr. Zozo talked about the tragic situation experienced by all the Iraqi components including the CSA Christian people, on a daily basis and questioned the representative of the Iraqi embassy in the European Union about the migration and displacement actions that affect the Christians, who were more than one million and a half people before the fall of the dictatorial regime in the ninth of April 2003, to dwindle to almost 300 thousand people under the new regime.
   Mr. Zozo talked about the suffering of the Christian people from violence, bloodshed and displacement since the foundation of the Iraqi State and until the fall of the former regime in 2003. Reminding everybody of the Smeal massacre committed by the Iraqi army in 1933, which claimed the lives of more than five thousand people and all of them unarmed civilians, as well as the massacre of Soraya in 1969, in which fell tens of martyrs and wounded, the cruelty and brutality of Saddam Hussein regime dictatorship caused the destruction of dozens of villages, churches and monasteries in the province of Kurdistan in a series of warfare operations named “the Anfal” as a tribute to the well known Anfal operations in the era of the Islamic message against “the infidels,” It is known that these operations claimed more than 182 thousand martyrs of the Kurdish people in the years 1988 and 1989, as well as thousands of martyrs and wounded of our people in Kurdistan.

     Zozo confirmed that after 2003 our people rejoiced good just like the other Iraqi components, in the change that happened in Iraq that shifted the government in Iraq from a dictatorial regime to a democratic one, where people chose their representatives in the House of Representatives through the voting box, but soon our people faced again waves of succession violent operations of murder, kidnapping, rape, forced displacement and killings in Basra, Nasiriyah, Anbar, Diyala, Baghdad, Mosul and other Iraqi cities; under the governments of the post-regime, this systematic killing was directed also against the other minority components.
    He said in his speech “we must look for a way out to rescue all Iraqi ethnic and religious components, there is no place for national rights or religious freedom or respect for human rights in a country consolidates its system through sectarian religious, the Iraqi government continues to absence its people and to marginalize them according to their race and religion, and this violates the treaties that the Iraqi state pledged to, since its acceptance as a member of  the United Nations League, also Iraq had signed many international laws and commitments regarding minorities rights, but did not abide by the rights of its citizens until this moment.”

   He also cleared and through official documents the demographic change taking place in our people areas, and distributed a file of 60 pages of such abuses to Mr. Stevenson and the members of the Iraq Committee and many of the participants in the meeting, the file included the demographic change operations during the ten years in the Nineveh Plain and which is much more than what happened during the former dictatorial regime era.

   After listening to the words of the speakers Mr. Stevenson directed the questions and queries to the representative of the Iraqi embassy in the European Union to respond, but the representative’s answer came very brief and general and unrelated to the content of the meeting or the issues and problems raised about the suffering of minorities in Iraq.

  At the end of the meeting another date was scheduled for the next meeting, which will be devoted to the situation of Iraqi Christians in particular.

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The Messrs. Madloum Maroki representative of the Chaldean Syriac Assyrian Popular Council/ Canada Branch and Afram Alexander Alhozi, secretary of the Council attended a meeting held at the residence of Dr. Abdul Rahman Hamid al-Husseini Ambassador of the Iraqi Republic in Canada, on the occasion of Vice President Dr. Khodair Al Khoza’ei’s visit to Canada, the representative of the Council presented a memorandum explaining the suffering of the (Christian) people in Iraq to Al Khoza’ei, proposing some solutions that would ensure a decent living for our people who are facing oppression and displacement in their areas. The meeting was also attended by a gathering of members of the Iraqi community in Canada.

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