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Biden In Iraq

Biden In Iraq

By: FA ME (Boston City)

In a recent interview, a senior Iraqi politician noted that a large parliamentary bloc has been formed. “The formation of the new bloc constitutionally cuts the road in the face of other blocs.” So, functioning as burglars who block roads and interrupt the smooth flow of passengers and traffic has become part of Iraqi political culture and the ruling factions.

 Is not this the same culture of thugs and burglars of the former regime who ruled the country prior to 2003. The only difference is that today’s politicians add the word ‘constitutional’ to their new era.

 ‘Constitution’ for Iraqi politicians is like a mantra, a word devoid of meaning. They think when they cite this word, they appeal to the civilized and democratic world.

 Everybody knows that these politicians and factions have no respect for the constitution which was drafted while Iraq was swirling in blood and still is.

 And because the country works and functions ‘unconstitutionally’, a U.S. official is dispatched to Baghdad to work out a settlement for a government that should have been formed several months ago.

 All parties are in need of U.S. support, though some seek aid and backing from other areas. Will Washington give up its silence and abandon the ‘neutral stand’ it has adopted in the past three months regarding who is to form the new government?

 Why would anyone be embarrassed or even ashamed of U.S. interference? Is it not logical for the U.S. to put Iraqi house in order before leaving?

 Or shall we wait until the U.S. withdraws its troops and then only believe that it does not meddle in Iraqi affairs?

 No sane person would give credence to such logic. Washington’s interests in Iraq will not end by the departure of its troops. The Americans started the war and paid dearly for it. The war and its aftermath disgraced the U.S., its weapons, its reputation, its standing and its intelligence. This is not to mention the war casualties.

 Who would believe that all these sacrifices the U.S. made for nothing? Who would believe that the U.S. would agree to and present Iraq as a gift to militias and factions with regional loyalties? If this happens, the table would most probably be turned on U.S. head in a few years’ time.

 But the assignment of the U.S. envoy currently visiting Iraq is extremely difficult. The administration of President Barak Obama has left the impression that it is up to the disparate and rival Iraqi factions to put the Iraqi house in order.

 This by itself is yet another tragedy for Iraq. The factions which Obama wants to rule Iraq have turned into burglars whose aim is to undermine each other and serve their own interests and those of their regional masters.  

 This is how things are in today’s Iraq.



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