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US Passport

US Passport

Written By: FA ME

Even if I want  to confirm the fact that About 30% of ballots submitted by Iraqi-Americans are being rejected in Erbil, Iraq’s headquarters for the Out-of-Country Voting (OCV) program. The U.S.-based Iraq Elections marked the third-largest OCV voter turnout worldwide

 Erbil is still receiving the U.S. tally by electronic submission from each of the centers, including Detroit, Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego, and Arizona. Center Directors from across America have been directed to throw away ballots for unknown reasons.

 Through my personal contacts and resources In the Michigan centers, 2,000 out of 6,100 ballots in the Warren location were rejected by Erbil, and 700 out of the 3,000 ballots in the Dearborn location were also rejected. An official personnel in Arizona told me that 600 out of the 2,400 ballots were rejected. And in Chicago, 1,100 out of the 3,500 ballots were rejected. All of these locations contain a high number of Iraqi Christian voters. And where the majority is escaping Iraq because of the Iraqi Government actions that still have not been symbolizing any type of democracy because it has shown no respect to the minorities in Iraq, and sadly I have to say, all this happening under the blessing of American officials and American administration!

 America is losing the grip, I’m afraid now inside America, I’m being persecuted, and my other fellow Christians are being persecuted inside America itself! How could we then imagine a more respectful treatment for us in other countries?

 Down here, I’m recording the conversation I had with a Christian friend who lived here for long time, and one great Iraqi-American patriotic who identifies the deficit in the core life of America that is weakening also other minorities even on its own land, the land of Uncle Sam:

 “”We are so proud to have a passport from the most powerful nation in the world, The United States of America. Sadly, this passport was not considered good enough when Iraqi christians attempted to vote. The majority of us did not have additional document from Iraq to prove our citizenship, only a US passport that said we were born in Iraq. Many of us did not have additional documents to prove our Iraqi citizenship because when we left the country, we were escaping many threats, killings, and and hardship imposed on us by Iraqi officials during Sddam’s reigime , and after the operation of Iraqi freedom Until now . For many Christians, The only document left was the American passport indicating Iraq as our place of birth. It is very unfortunate that barriers were put together to prevent the christian of Iraq from voting. I will say 100% of our Iraqi christians were not able to vote if they presented only their American passport. The Iraqi offficial plan to block many christians around the world to vote simply because it is an organized plan to eliminate their presence in Iraq. How dare they have the audacity to not consider the American passport a certified document that proves our place of birth and our right to vote on an important election that will dictate the future of our birth-home. In San Diago,California , I read one banner wrriten by Assyrians while they prepared to protest against the Iraqi governmet The banner read, “They killed us in Sayfo in 1915, Semel in 1933, in the town of Soria in 1971 and now they want to kill our voices in the United States.”

 By all human liberal voices around the world I call upon you, is this the freedom we have sought in America?! If this is the freedom we have, then shame on us to believe all cracks and the weak foundations of Democracy!



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