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The Christians in Iraq, share the thoughts and the ideas of any other christians around the world, they have the Christian celebrations of Europe and America and other countries. but there is one difference between them and other Christians. while Christians in America and Europe start their preparations for Christmas and New Year, by decorating the houses and toying the trees, and  buying the best presents to give it to the lovely kids on Christmas Eve.  Iraqi Christians have different preparations, they get bombs, terrorists who break into the Churches and violate the privacy of such holy places to detonate the devices that bring fear and terror to the Christians who live by the Church or were about to attend the Church.

while being in America, and trying to see what could possibly done for Iraqi Christians, and whenever I try to make the distances nearer between the east and west, I face a huge confusion and misunderstanding of whether the people here can imagine that there are other people who are suffering because they are Christians! and what brings more exclamation to my mind that truly people who are living in America are totally absent and don’t know if Christians have ever existed in Iraq or not! this makes me sad and discouraged.

some recent Pictures of the Bombed Church in Mosul:

The Ruins of St. Aphrem's Church from inside

The Ruins of St. Aphrem's Church from inside

One of the Fathers looking to his distroyed Church

One of the Fathers looking to his destroyed Church

the destruction of the Church from outside

the destruction of the Church from outside



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Ruins of Iraqi Church

Ruins of Iraqi Church


Mosul (AsiaNews) – Explosive devices were detonated this morning at two Christian sites in Mosul, the Church of Saint Ephrem and the Mother House of the Dominican Sisters of Saint Catherine. At present, there are no reports about casualties but the church was entirely destroyed. The convent also suffered damages but it is not known how much. Christian sources in Mosul told AsiaNews that the “attack was like a Mafia warning”, a message to Christians “to get out of the city.”

 At around 10 am, a commando of about ten gunmen stormed the Church of Saint Ephrem in the al-Jadida neighborhood, in a new section of the city. Attackers told everyone inside to leave and then calmly proceeded to place explosives around the building. When they were set off the whole structure was leveled. The same thing happened to the Bishop’s Palace in December 2004.

 According to early reports, no one among the faithful was hurt in the blast.

After the first operation, the attackers moved to the Mother House of the Dominican Sisters of Saint Catherine, where a second explosion was heard around 10.30 am. For the moment, there are no details about the damages inflicted on the building or any casualties among the nuns.

 Sources in Mosul told AsiaNews that the attacks were the work “of a group of about ten people who acted calmly.”

The area is under the control of Sunni Arabs and had not seen any major act of violence until now.

 “We received threats and episodes of intimidation but nothing major,” a Christian source said.

This morning’s attacks resemble “the series of attacks that hit Mosul’s Christian community in the past.”

 Local sources suggest that Kurds might be involved in the action in order to get Christians out of the area and into the “Nineveh Plain.”

 “There is a lot of fear among the people because those who carried out the attack acted unimpeded and without opposition,” the anonymous source said.

In fact, it is more than just fear. A sense of “anger and disillusionment against the local and national governments is growing. It is the latest attack and latest disillusionment for Christians who feel abandoned.”


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 Mosul city morns again for the death of its people, but this time a 16 year old boy, whom once escaped with his family to save their lives, but recently they relied on government official statements and promises of the improved security situation in Mosul city. So they return recently from one of the Christian villages to Mosul to get special reception from terrorists whose actions are not far from any barbarian actions in old or modern history, they killed the 16 year old Rami at his house outdoor. Rami and his family are known to be very educated and peaceful family among other Christian families in Mosul.


His body was moved to the same village he escaped to before, and buried there, since Mosul city could no longer embraces him or any other Christians wishing him to rest in peace and our condolences to his family.


Funeral photos:


Rami's Funeral

Rami's Funeral


Rami's Funeral

Rami's Funeral

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From : FA ME / Currently in USA

 I remember when I first had the idea of having a blog, it was back then in November 2008, I was in Turkey at that time, I was looking at the big volume of papers that I had in my room in our little apartment, this room was overwhelmed with papers certificates and pictures that are scattered all around the place, and I usually get comments why should my room be so messy. At that time, still the dark shadows of masked men and ambiguous figures chasing me, the memories of Iraq are one unforgettable. The current situation I lived wasn’t any good either. Phone calls, interviews, e-mails, preparedness, discouragement, credulity, discomfort, hearsays, news, sadness, happiness, gangs, unknown language, and worst of all unknown future! The saved energy that I had was wasted over some casual conversations, only words that being said and never repeated, then I got this idea: who is listening when I talk? Thinking to myself why shouldn’t I just write about everything I read or hear or know? I desperately needed to write something to someone and that one of course is YOU!

 Why Iraqi Translators?

 There are two reasons for me to write and title my blog with the word Translators, because this word indicates many meanings. Firstly, the Iraqi Translators have played a unique role during 2003 war in Iraq. In modern history the wars that we know are simply based on attacking other countries or territories either to defend or to attack. One of the parties will be the offender and the other is the defender, but eventually both lose, because I don’t personally believe that there are winners in wars! Losing one soul and one human being is considered a major lost if happened. What is special in Iraqi-American war was that it did happen so quickly, and even the United States of America didn’t expect it to be this fast. A small number of soldiers entered Baghdad without any resistance that could be mentioned, upon which entire Iraq became under U.S control. But it’s not the end yet, the United States had to figure out and set a plan to make this country that has lost its entire control, entire institutions, entire power, and entire infrastructure to be recovered again. It’s like a man with dozens of illnesses should be treated and required to stand on his feet again and be part of his society (other countries).

 To do so, and to accomplish this MISSION, there has to be a way to communicate with this guy, there has to be a mean of contact, a way of delivering the messages, the emotions, the desires, the friendship, the mutual goals, the cooperation, the needed cure so this man may stand up again and fight for his life again.

 This mean was simply the translators, those actors who worked behind the stage and tried to hide as much as they can to avoid the direct clash with their citizens. But, the citizens were not aware of their services, they just neglected the idea that these translators are here to help them communicate with the new visitors, instead they felt a sense of betrayal, a sense of insecurity while translators are around them. He speaks their language so he is traitor! 

 So someone had to correct this idea, we served our country and we still, we know the new comers are not going to stay for good, so why don’t we just help them to hasten their departure? They have families, they have kids, they have friends, and they have their own country.  Who wishes to replace his country? I guess none, so why not just give them the opportunity to correct what was ruined! Give them the chance and then judge them.

 And for those fanatics, who continuously deny of translators’ role I ask, who did translate for Muslim Khalifas (Mohammad’s successors) during their Islamic conquer in Persia and in Andalos (Spain)? How could Sallahadin communicate with Richard (the lion heart) during the crusade campaign against Muslims and Arab Homeland? I’m wondering if they used any other technology! They have had messengers between them those speak Arabic and those are English people. Does history speak of how remarkable role translators had to stop wars and calm things down? Yes it does. It’s that translator whom Abo Jafar Al-Mansour (Abbasit Khalifa in Baghdad) had used to get the latest inventions from the west especially in Medicine to cure his wife and son, his Doctor was Christian, and cured his family from the many sicknesses that had existed at that time.

  Why Iraqi Christians?

 After the invasion, Christianity in Iraq faced challenges and distinction. Christians were one of the vulnerable minorities in Iraq that faced and still facing threats which had fearfully forced thousands of Christian families out of their country. Iraqi Christians are indigenous people of Iraq. When shia’a in Iraq are backed by Iran, and Sunnies backed by Saudia Arabia and Syria. Christians had no body to defend them, not even the United States. One of the major reasons Christians are attacked is because one of the terrorists and religious groups’ creed is that Christians are not any different from Americans. The attackers are Christians “Mostly are” Christians, who came and invaded Iraq, their president George W. Bush is saying “it’s a crusade war” and it’s holy war against Islam, then minorities in Iraq including Christians are subject to reprisals and attacks by different groups and from the Muslim residents as well. The people are not naïve or don’t comprehend the things, they have declared a war against Islam, and they still believe in Iraq it’s a war where Christianity has to prevail, while Christianity has to do nothing with this.

 Christians had to act and not to stay and watch their sons, brothers, and sisters are dying by dozens everyday. Churches are attacked, priests are killed, and deacons are slaughtered by knives. Their simple act was to leave everything behind and escape their lives. But the question is escape to where?

 Europe and America and the entire world didn’t hear their cry. When Iraqi Jews were attacked in 1942 in what was known as “Farhood” which means “Jews Escape” it was only few days when Israel declared the reception of those poor people who had suffered from the racial injustice government that was formed at that time. The reason behind their attack is that the Jews had shown appearances of happiness when British Army returned back to Iraq, and brought back with them King’s successor “Abdul Ellah”. It’s because the jubilation of Jews had cost them their lives in Iraq, but what was Iraqi Christians’ fault to be attacked and killed? Simply their Christianity!

 With this shy attempt to record some of the important incidents that took place to Christians and Translators, I tried to be informative as much as I could to let the entire world know and understand that what happened in Iraq is worthy to be told, it’s not a period of time that can easily go unmentioned or disregarded, it’s all history, and the history never lies.

 Number of times the blog has been surfed is: 10850 times until this post was published.

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Iraqi Christians in northern Iraq
Iraqi Christians in northern Iraq


By : FA ME (Source – AsiaNews)

Human Rights Watch raises the alarm, confirmed by AsiaNews sources. Plan includes setting up a ghetto in the Nineveh Plains for Christians and guarantee Kurds control over resource-rich Kirkuk. Humanitarian aid is given in exchange for support as dissidents get crushed.

Erbil (AsiaNews) – A new human rights catastrophe is in the making in northern Iraq as local ethnic and religious minorities risk being swept away after thousands of years of presence as a result of the Kurdish-Arab fight for control of the Nineveh Plains, this according to Human Rights Watch (HRW).

In its latest report titled ‘On Vulnerable Ground’, the human rights organisation says that Christians, Yazidis, Shabak and Turkmen have been caught up in the fight between Arabs and Kurds over the control of the territory and resources of Nineveh Province, whose capital is Mosul.

The study is particularly critical of the policies and strategies of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), which is trying to extend its control over disputed areas, from Sinjar (north-western Iraq) to Mandali (Diyala Province), including Kirkuk.

HRW denounced the ongoing efforts by the Kurdish government in Erbil to kurdisise minorities in its territory to ensure their electoral and political support.

At the same time, Kurdish forces have been silencing dissenting voices, often relying on “intimidation, threats, arbitrary arrests, and detentions to coerce” against those who challenge KRG control. As the largest minority (400,000), Christians are the first victims of such policies.

Sources told AsiaNews backed the claim, saying that in the villages of the Nineveh Plains (a historically Christian area), the Kurdish government would like to set up a virtual Christian ghetto, on the grounds that it would provide greater security.

Yet, “Kurdish persecution of Christians is a reality no one can deny,” a young Christian father who left Baghdad for the north. “More and more evidence suggests that the abduction and killing of our priests opposed to the Nineveh Plains plan and the pressures driving Mosul Christians to emigrate are the work of Kurds,” he added.

However, the crux of the matter remains Kirkuk. An alliance with Christians would give Kurds the means to economically and strategically control the area, which contains Iraq’s richest oil field.

The status of the city has not yet been decided. The referendum that was supposed to settle the matter has been put off for years because of the dangerous tensions it might unleash.

Last year, Ankawa.com, an online publication, reported that the Department of Christian Affairs in the Kurdish Ministry of Finances, which is headed by a controversial figure, Sarkis Aghajan, collected signatures in favour of the annexation of the Nineveh Plains to Kurdistan before handing out monthly aid to internally displaced people. Those who did not sign were denied food rations.

Leaders in the local Chaldean Church, especially the Chaldean archbishop of Kirkuk, Mgr Louis Sako, have slammed the Kurdisation of Christians, and asked for the protection of the central government and US troops. However, many Christians who moved to the north for security reasons now complain about the “silence” of religious authorities towards the Kurdish government’s persecutory policies.

Some are even saying that a number of priests are “openly backing Kurdish plans and the election campaign of the PDK (Kurdistan Democratic Party), President Barzani’s own party.”





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Vice-President Al-Hashemi

Vice-President Al-Hashemi


 Iraqi Vice President Tariq al-Hashemi during his visit to Basra on last Saturday morning rejected the idea of increasing the number of seats for small ethnic groups in the Iraqi parliament and stated that Christians should participate in the elections, as other Iraqis do. I say to Mr. Urubi have you forgotten all your promises to this small minority, and now you want us to trust your promises of fair elections?

 Mr. Attorney!! You claim that the political parties are fully committed to the Constitution!! That Your policy is to treat all citizens equally and fairly !! That non Muslims will have the opportunity to succeed equally as the Muslims; Sunni and Shiite, without distinction!! That the cleaning up of the political and administrative corruption and bribery is going on in full swing!! That Electoral Commission will make sure to report the elections results free from fraud and bias of the parties which dominate it!!

 Mr. deputy, al-Hashemi, to you and others who want to insure the rights of the “non-Arab minorities” I want to explain the importance of providing quotas for the non Arab citizens of this country;

 I ask that you promptly reveal the killers of these poor dear loyal citizens. The abductions and displacement of Christians still continues in several Iraqi cities like Baghdad, Kirkuk and Mosul. Christians of Iraq are being subjected to double jeopardy first by the terrorists and then by the Muslim religious parties which have committed series of violent acts, with dire consequences, against all Iraqis. Christians have received the lion’s share of such atrocities, along with the other small ethno-religious groups, thanks to the financial and other forms of help the purpetrators receive from Iran, Saudi Arabia and Syria.

 Sectarian killings, has forced thousands of them to flee their homeland and take refuge in other countries. The international refugee Organization (IOM) has attested to the fact that a “vast majority of Iraqi refugees are small ethnic groups”, This was planned by the Arab nationalist, pan-Arabists, and the Islamists, assisted by factions of the Iraqi government together with the interference of the governments of neighboring countries such as the Arabist Syria, the Shi’ite Iran, the Islamist Saudi , and Turkey.

 We learned more than a year ago that the defense and interior ministries established a committee to investigate the terrorist attacks against Christians who have suffered from bombing of churches, kidnapping, murder and displacement. To this day we have been awaiting for this Committee report to reveal the facts, and take legal action against the perpetrators of these brutal crimes. Every honorable Iraqi citizen knows that the up rooting of the Christians and the targeting of churches is part of a plan to undermine the security of Iraqi citizens. We are still waiting for the Security Committee and the government to arrest and prosecute the killers and the abductors of the innocents, but the government has refused to reveal the identity of the criminals responsible for the persecution of the Iraqi Christians.

 The Iraqi Constitution guarantees the “equal treatment of all Iraqis under the law,” but your government and partisan sectarian parties treat women as second-class citizens. ” The targeting of Iraqi minorities is intended to to rid Iraq of them. Undoubtedly the investigating Committee is part of the same political parties that have shed the the blood of innocent Iraqis to rid Iraq of its various factions; the Christians; Chaldean-Syriac-Assyrians who are the indigenous inhabitants of Iraq. Targeting them is part of a plan to wipe out the remmenants of the pre-Islamic Iraqi civilization. The other factions targeted by the terrorists such as ; Sabean, Mandaean and Yazidi are also genuine remnants of the ancient Mesopotamian homeland and have been part of this land since before Islam.

 Terrorism has hit from right and left, to disrupt the political process, and sow confusion and disrupt the political situation in Iraq. Brutality against the minorities has been planned by the extremist Islamist parties and Arabists dedicated to emptying the region of them because they brought culture to this land. The Islamists want to remove any mention of culture, science and technology that these peoples have contributed to Iraq. they want to control them and hold them back.

 We are asking the Maliki government to submit detailed report about the criminal acts committed against the Iraqi Christians and other ethnic groups such as Sabean, Mandaeans, Yazidi, and Shabak. We have had enough of promises with no real action to remedy the situation. The killers of the innocents should be brought to justice and their crimes should be exposed to all, otherwise governmental bodies and the political parties responsible for such atrocities will continue their crimes. The international organizations and the United Nations should be allowed to monitor the January 2010 elections because public can no longer trust the Electoral Commission.


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